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CAISSON has partnered with USA Flag, the preeminent flag football organization in the United States, to create the “CC2002 Go Bag – USA Flag Edition”, the official equipment bag for their World Championships and National Championships. The exclusive bag is a flag football player’s dream – with a net to secure a football, an adjustable shelf to snugly hold cleats of any size, and separate space above for additional clothing, flags, etc. The bag can be worn as a backpack, crossbody, or can be carried like a briefcase, with a utility strap that secures personal devices and items at the wearer’s fingertips for on-the-move access. A fence/locker loops holds the bag off the ground. A waterproof external pocket and removable inside pouch provide additional storage options for personal items. Velcro panels enable personalization with our letter sets and event patches. All this with seamless dry bag construction resulting in a rugged, waterproof bag that can handle anything you or Mother Nature can throw at it.

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The CC2002 Go Bag: All-Sport is built for athletes ON the field, court, pitch, diamond…

Streamlined design seamlessly blends sports functionality with lifestyle utility. We emphasized adaptability while maximizing flexibility with the Go Bag: All-Sport. Wear it as a backpack, crossover, or carry like a briefcase. A “MUST have” bag for multisport athletes, with top-tier features for every season. And if you’re between sports, put the Go Bag becomes the most equipped workout bag you’ve ever owned. Sleeve to hold your lacrosse stick, field hockey stick, tennis racquet, squash racquet, baseball bat, or softball bat. Net to hold your football, basketball, soccer ball, or volleyball. Net can also hold your wet clothes on workout days, keeping inside storage for clean/dry gear. Fence/locker hook to hang your bag anywhere inside or out, keeping your gear off the ground and at hand level, while protecting it from dirt and trampling.

The CC2002 Go Bag: All-Sport is built for athletes OFF the field, court, pitch, diamond…

At CAISSON we are strong believers that to fully support athletes, our bags must fully account for your personal affects the same way we do your sports equipment. The Go Bag: All-Sport features a utility strap which organizes your phone, money, cards/ID, keys, ear buds, and more while placing them at your fingertips for immediate access. You can even remove this when you want to leave your bag behind (e.g., on the bus) and take your personals with you (e.g., to grab food). The Go Bag: All-Sports takes celebrates creators and individuals. Our first bag to feature curated designs (in limited quantities – once a design sells out, it’s gone forever), it becomes your instant “player exclusive”. And we provide several ways for you to make your bag uniquely yours, a true one-of-a-kind. The Go Bag: All-Sport features velcro panels you can use as your own personal canvas, using our velcro-backed letter/numbers sets, and patches to say what you want, and express how you feel.

The Go Bag: All-Sport aims to support your sports side and personal side in ways no bag has before.

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