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Praise for Caisson…

I lost two sets of AirPods last season alone – slipped right out of my pocket. I don’t worry about that anymore.  With my Caisson I know where all my stuff is all of the time and I can get to it quick. So I can concentrate on basketball.

AAU Player

New England
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Even at this level kids can get easily distracted by a misplaced phone or lost keys. Believe it or not, Caisson makes my life easier. My players keep their stuff straight and we’re a more focused team as a result.

HS Coach

New York City
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the CC1801

In Action

Up your Game

Ingeniously organizes, protects and stows all of your athletic equipment.

Sneaker Vault

VIP entry to separate nylon pouch protects sneakers from other contents (and vice versa) while patterned ventilation keeps them fresh.

Ball Pod

One-step access to designated compartment safely protects basketball from other contents, dirt, and elements.

All-purpose Storage

Zipper-secured storage keeps gear (pinnies, warm-ups, etc.) separate from sneakers and basketball.

… and More

& your Lifestyle

Provides instant access your music, media, friends, and effects.

Utility Harness

Keep your hands free and devices conveniently located at your fingertips enabling instant access your music, media, and network at any moment. Organizes and safeguards your personal effects – phone, keys, earbuds, cards/license/money, team ID.

Speaker Sleeve

Protective foam casing and adjustable nylon drawcord secures Bluetooth speakers inside bag while patterned external speaker holes enable all players in vicinity maximum listening pleasure.

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