Deploy your static website to AWS

Caisson makes it easy to host and deploy a static website to AWS via the root domain, e.g.


It's a tedious process to configure services via the AWS web console. Caisson initializes all of the necessary services in a single init command and syncs your build directory using a smart push command.

What does it do?

Caisson creates two S3 buckets, a Route 53 Hosted Zone, and a CloudFront CDN. It also manages a small cache in S3 for fast pushes.


Install with npm:

$ npm install -g caisson


Initialize AWS and push your build directory to S3:

$ caisson init
$ caisson push

You need to manually update your domain to use Route 53's name servers. Caisson will log this information in caisson.json.


For additional help, see:

$ caission --help


Clone the repo, then run:

$ npm install
$ npm test


MIT License, see LICENSE for details.